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Play, socialize, learn, conduct business meetings, and, of course, shop. The implementation of existing projects is different and depends on the ambitions of the creators – some resemble an exciting game, others a social network, others something in between the first two. Choose your reality


Time travel, trips through virtual cities, and expeditions into the digital jungle will become possible with this technology. How does this affect travel? In the meta-universe, the real and virtual worlds should merge into one. In this way, travel can take on unimaginable dimensions: Time travel, trips to virtual cities and expeditions to the digital jungle will become possible. Virtual projections in the real world, smart gloves that generate impulses such as pressure in the hand, suits that project wind, heat and virtual effects onto the body – all this should make the virtual Metaworld as realistic as possible. It could be a space where people can virtually meet other people, see reactions in real time, or go on time travels that don’t exist in reality.
In this way, you are immersed in a digital world with multiple senses and, therefore, have a completely different tourist experience.
One possibility is virtual visits to nature reserves or ecosystems that are very sensitive and can only handle a limited number of visitors in reality. A second possibility is that historical or no longer existing things can be experienced with a special projection or through virtual glasses. The Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen already has a special device.It is a tablet with which visitors can walk through the empty rooms of the castle. On it you can see with a flick of the hand what a room looked like 500 years ago. With food on the table and how people lived.


The first thing that can be assumed is games where the gamer feels his full presence in the game space. For example, quests, which users play in virtual reality. They create a parallel alternate universe, and the plot of the quest can develop in different eras and locations. Such virtual quests began during the lockdown in 2020, when it was impossible to conduct “live” meetings. In fact, the quest takes place in a 3D avatar, which is remotely controlled by the user.

For computer games, Metaverse forms just the perfect environment: the effect of full immersion and presence. Having created your avatar, the user will be able to communicate with other players. Especially relevant now are the games where you can get the virtual income, which is then easy to exchange for things that are present in the meta universe. Games like The Sandbox or Decentraland give you the opportunity to create your own creative projects and monetize them. The Sandbox might be of particular interest to people in the arts, because they get NFT tokens for contributing to the virtual world as copyrights for their works.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland’s decentralized virtual reality platform provides users with a huge palette of possibilities. Here one can create works of art, buy and resell digital real estate, and play games.


The meta-universe can be an excellent base for training future specialists in a variety of fields. In addition to the option of simulating almost any practical situation, it allows students and teachers to meet for live communication, hold lectures and seminars, and exchange any kind of information.

Imagine that schoolchildren in a history class can walk around a medieval city square themselves or see how Baku began to be built. See how cavemen lived and survived. And in geography they will go to the mouth of a volcano or the South Pole to observe its inhabitants. The educational possibilities of Metaverse are endless.


The meta universe offers extensive opportunities not only for entertainment, but also for work. It is already possible to buy a plot of land for cryptocurrency in the virtual world, for example, on the Decentraland platform. Essentially, the user in such a transaction will receive a non-exchangeable token (NFT) of a digital plot of land. It is likely that such investments in the future can bring good returns, because the volume of the global NTF-market is growing. However, the legal framework for their regulation has not been worked out yet.

The meta-universe can also help in solving a lot of technical problems. The inspection and diagnostics of the digitized objects of the production process in the virtual world superimposed on the real one could be much easier, more comfortable and safer. Metaverse capabilities are also applicable in railroads, airports and maritime transport.